Kuule Ltd. in Brief

Kuule Ltd. is a consultation, communication and networking agency.

 Through research, we are able to implement effective communication.

Our story

In 2005, Kuule Ltd. was founded by Seija Kurunmäki and Anne Leppänen. Throughout the years, it has achieved a strong position in the field of food and health. It is known for its strong expertise and versatility in research, communications and networking. 

From 2014 Kuule's focus will be on communication, consultation and networking.

Seija Kurunmäki (M.Sc. in Agriculture and Forestry) is a joint founder of Kuule Ltd. and the CEO of the company. As the CEO, she is responsible for the governance and development of the organization. 

  • After moving to the position of the ELO Foundation’s Executive Director in October 2013, Seija quit her daily operational work at Kuule Ltd. She is still partisipating projects and Consulting.
  • Seija’s blog “Onkotolkkua” observes various phenomena of the modern age.
  • You can also find Seija on Twitter, @SeijaKurunmaki, where she takes part in discussions (mainly in Finnish) related to the food industry.
  • More about Seija in LinkedIn.
  • CEO, partner, communications consultant, entrepreneur, Kuule Ltd., 2005 – present
  • Executive Director, ELO Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Food Culture, 2013 – present
  • Master of Science in Agriculture and Forestry, University of Helsinki, 1980

Our missio in communication and networking

  • In order to be visible you have to be meaningful and interesting. There have to be real activities and real people behind the messages. That is how the communication becomes interesting.
  • In today’s diffused media environment the only way to be heard is to network and co-operate. Even though the networks today are often virtual, no social media overcomes the true contacts between people.
  • We are the link between people to strengthen the networks. We create, develop and conceptualize.


Examples in research

  • Desk research
    Understanding what we know already in order to avoid unnecessary work
  • Target group research
    Knowing the target market and speaking the same language they do regarding important topics
  • Influencer research
    Bringing out into the open critical perspectives of the target group
  • Pilot test of the communication concept
    Knowing whether the plans work or not
  • Barometer
    Identifying trends and taking advantage of them 
  • Follow-ups
    Information about the ongoing change that helps the company to improve their overall communication
  • Surveys
    The results give valuable information to the company, and give it publicity in the media

Partners in Kuule Ltd.’s Network

  • Anne Leppänen - communications researcher
  • Vaula Norrena – semiotician
  • Marko Myllyaho – graphic artist
  • Mari Cadaut– communications consultant
  • Pauliina Pehkonen - communications assistant


Seija Kurunmäki
E-mail: seija.kurunmaki@kuule.fi or seija.kurunmaki@elo-saatio.fi
Phone: +358 400 460 894

Office address
Kurkijoentie 20B
02140 Espoo

Administration and invoicing
Kuule Ltd.
Kurkijoentie 20 B
02140 Espoo

Phone: +358 400 460 894
Business ID: 1973830-4